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Call Us Anytime At
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Why is my pump losing pressure and/or making noise?
The well depth and type of pump could be a factor in the loss of pressure. A submersible pump may need to be installed if the situation calls for it. It is important to have someone check these issues before they worsen.
Can a water well be installed in my home?
There needs to be an evaluation of your land area and location to see if this is a possibility. Call us today for your well drilling needs.
Can a drought affect my well?
Yes. When water levels rise and fall drastically if can affect the performance of your pump. Your pump may need to be recalibrated to perform at a different level. This can be easily performed by one of our professionals.
How can I maintain my water pump so it can last?
Make sure the pumps are installed properly and that you are aware of water levels. Due to changing water levels, your pump may have to be adjusted accordingly. Also, be sure that the air pressure adjustments are correct. This can affect the amount of water entering your building and should be regulated to ensure lasting quality.
These are a few of the many questions that are out there regarding pumps and service. Please contact Smithwick Pump Repair for further information regarding your pump and service.

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